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How can LinguaMorfí assist you?

As a translator with passion, I can assist you in several ways. My background in sciences has endowed me with a healthy curiosity to fathom your texts to the fullest. The principle on which I wish to operate is as follows:

“Only after getting a clear view of both objective and contents of a text, a proper translation can be constructed.”

Prior to accepting a commission, an agreement on these matters has to be attained.

LinguaMorfí can proof-read your texts in articles or essays ment for international use. Do you wish for a third party to click through your English website and formulate some tips, comments and corrections? Have you made an English presentation and need someone to scan through it? This and more is something LinguaMorfí will be happy to help you with.

Do you have a large amount of text to translate or edit all at once. For example when developing a website in a different language. LinguaMorfí can offer in-house translating services. Together with you or your employees we can go over the texts and edit them to say exactly what you want. This way you can be sure that the meaning of the texts is guaranteed,  in a way that is both professional and correct.