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About LinguaMorfí

As a translator my work is about more than just putting words from one language into another. The first thing a translator has to do is find the meaning of a text and understand it. Only then can you start with constructing a proper translation.

This is what the name LinguaMorfí is all about

Lingua is Latin for both language and tongue. Morfí comes from Ancient-Greek and means to change, or to form.

This is what I’m trying to achieve. Your text won’t just be literally written in another language. It will be formed into something that is a whole, complete, correct and readable. During this process the integrity of the text will remain intact. To do this I will use a healthy dose of creativity and a little playing around with language.

You might wonder about the rabbit in the logo. However If you look at the name LinguaMorphi, this has a close resemblance with the word Lagomorpha. This is the taxonomic order of the hare and rabbit. Also in some parts of the world, the rabbit is a symbol for change.